Dances With Eidolons (mesila) wrote in aberrantfilms,
Dances With Eidolons

Sv Bell

Just joined your community and since I just got through watching this incredibly aberrant film I am curious if anyone knows about the work of Sv Bell and - yes, this is the writer's name, Robbie Ribspreader.

The film I just watched was She Demons of the Black Sun. The interesting thing to me about this one was the fact that it was made in this century. It's as if a goth-industrial-rivethead and a psychedelic seventies freak fell in love and had mad sex in the basement of a nightclub.

The bright RGB lighting is amazing and the sexuality truly horrific, this is one of those films that would probably show up as Not Rated or possibly even rated X, but it's primarily about revenge, not sex.

The female protagonist, or shall we just say, agonist? She's very beautiful. Kind of willowy and dark at the same time.

I've got to look up Sv Bell and see if this guy's made any other films. This style of cinema - psychedelia - appeals to me no matter what era and no matter what plot or lack thereof exists in films, if they reek of psychedelia I will be watching them or trying to find them so I can, so any pointers to such will be appreciated.
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