Zachary Keaton (fruitloop) wrote in aberrantfilms,
Zachary Keaton

Need your help.

Ok folks, I need your help. I was at the local gay after hours dance bar Berlin last night dancing on a giant cube. It was fun, but thats beside the point, they were playing a film on all the television screens, but of course with no sound.

From what I can gather there is a girl who looks a little like Alyssa Milano in some kind of yellow leotard type thing being wheeled around from place to place where fucked up things happen. The only other character I can really remember was a mean looking foreign lady with a black bob haircut and she seemed to be telling her to do things.

The only scene I can remember in detail was the main character was at this giant wall and it was if it was made out of flesh. Bodies were pushing up against it and then the wall grew a tongue. She went to lick the tongue and then stuck it all in her mouth and it grew until the tongue was the size of her. This was followed by massive amounts of clear liquid seeping from some hole in the wall, I assume this was an orgasm.

Edited to add - I remember one more scene. The black bobbed lady then told her to go up to a scarecrow on a stick, much like the wizard of oz. The main character then unzips his pants and starts pulling out massive amounts of straw as the scarecrow looks pleasured. She then sticks her entire arm into his pants. She then screams and pulls out her hand and it is badly burned.

I do apologize in advance for this off the wall post, but if anyone has any idea, I'd love to know.
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