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Aberrant Films

Aberrant = Deviating from what is usual, normal, or right.

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We have an obsession with strange cinema. We love films that deal with aberrant subjects like sexual deviancy and eccentric behavior. We do not consider a film aberrant due only to it's subject matter, some of them are just told differently, or are just really fucking good, and that in itself is an aberration compared to the horrible formulaic films being made today. We are hoping to expand our personal film lists, so please, if you know of any aberrant films, discuss them here.

This is a moderated community, but once you make an acceptable post you will be given posting access.

Dead Soldiers

a clockwork orange, aberrant behavior, aberrant sexual behavior, baise moi, belle de jour, bitter moon, blue velvet, boxing helena, brian de palma, bully, but i'm a cheerleader, cat people, cecil b. demented, cement garden, chloe sevigny, christina ricci, cohen brothers, coming of age films, coralie trinh thi, cry baby, darren aronofsky, david cronenberg, david lynch, dead ringers, desperate living, directors, doom generation, election, elephant man, eraserhead, existenz, female perversions, female trouble, films, freeway, freeway 2, gay films, ghost world, ginger snaps, go fish, gregg araki, gummo, gus van sant, hairspray, hal hartly, happiness, harmony korine, harold and maude, heavenly creatures, house of yes, human behavior, incest films, independent films, indie films, jacob's ladder, jamie babbit, jane campion, john waters, julien donkey-boy, kids, killer tongue, larry clark, lesbian films, lolita, louis malle, ma vie en rose, mathew bright, memento, mink stole, mirror, movies, mulholland drive, multiple maniacs, naked lunch, natasha lyonne, nowhere, olivier olivier, orson wells, pecker, peter jackson, pi, pink flamingos, polyester, pretty baby, professional, requiem for a dream, ripe, robert altman, roger corman, roman polanski, romper stomper, secretary, serial mom, sid and nancy, sister my sister, slums of beverly hills, stanley kubrick, steven soderbergh, storytelling, strange films, sweetie, tank girl, the killer tongue, the lost highway, the royal tenenbaums, through a glass darkly, tin drum, todd solondz, trainspotting, tromeo and juliet, twin falls idaho, unspeakable, vincent gallo, virginie despentes, welcome to the dollhouse, wicked, wild at heart